Reading AND knitting

I’ve read two and a half books in the past week, and two of them were actual, physical books! I’ve been trying to encourage myself to do a little bit of reading at night, after some knitting, and I like it. I like spending time with a book in my hand. Going forward, when I take a break from knitting, I’m going to try to redirect myself toward a book instead of my phone, and we’ll see if we can get back into the reading groove. But photos of books aren’t as interesting as photos of knitting, so I’ll share some of that too. Since I finished my Granola socks, I switched my focus to my Clarke pullover and made good progress.

HQueF4y2TLe9Bv6jH78L4wAck. I just realized how bad this photo is. Well, whatever. It shows that I have an almost-complete sweater body anyway! I have just a few rows and then a split hem, and the body will be done. It’s so close that I might just work on this today and see if I can power through it.

I also worked on another sock project, but it’s still in the beginning stages, just a bit of leg. The yarn is Tibetan Dream sock yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch, and it’s a yak/nylon blend. I’m loving these purples! Stay tuned — I’ll have a review later this month.


More snow fell overnight, so we have a couple of inches of bright, powdery snow. It’s pretty but I am tired of it and it can go away now. The only good thing about it is that I can stay cozy on my couch with a blanket and my knitting and not feel any guilt, because that’s what you do on snow days! Hope you’re all safe and warm too!


7 thoughts on “Reading AND knitting

    • I like lighter books, so I read Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand, The Party by Robyn Harding, and I’m in the middle of Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey. I confess, I was supposed to be reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz and just could not get into it so I quit!

  1. Are you knitting and reading at the same time? I would love a how to post!

    Your pullover looks great, and that sock! Love those purples. I can’t wait to read your review. Is yak hair soft?

    • I can read and knit at the same time IF I’m knitting something like a basic sock or plain stockinette and only if the book is an ebook, so I can turn the page with a quick finger swipe.

      Yes, yak hair is surprisingly soft!

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