Happy New Year!

Did you all have a wonderful time last night? We did, with our excessive amounts of junk food and multiple board games, even if I did lose at both Trivial Pursuit AND Scrabble. What can I say? It just wasn’t my night to be smart. And I didn’t knit at all, which was a little weird. But we laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company and it was the perfect way to wind up one year and start another.

This morning I got off to a good start too. If New Year’s Day is supposed to be an indicator of how your year will go, then I will be finishing projects this year! I’ve got the first Hedgehog Fibres Gossip sock off the needles.


While I was weaving in ends, I noticed how fun the reverse of the leg was, and I think I need to do this on purpose with my next pair of socks.


I love those little ridges! This is my modified Vanilla Latte pattern, of course. I modified the foot a tiny bit this time, making it a quarter-inch shorter, to see if I like the snugger fit better. I guess I should finish this pair and wear them to test that out before I make another pair. Hm. And here I was wanting to cast on another sock today!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Lovely sock! And I think the inside of the sock is just as interesting as the outside! I probably wouldn’t knit this one in reverse on purpose for myself, because I prefer knitting in the round instead of purling, but I think they’d be lovely to wear whichever way you knit them!

    • Yes, I had that same thought–I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy that much purling! I definitely would do the foot with just stockinette, so it’d only the leg, and surely I could survive that??

      • To be fair, I have done lace or cable patterns that had a lot of purling and I was fine with that. You’d probably not have too much trouble with it. I just have a habit of accidentally adding stitches at the beginning of the needles when I purl in the round.

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