How do you wash your socks?

Okay, for those of you who may not know, I have dogs. Three dogs. Three large dogs that go outside and inside and outside many times a day.


Grace, Duncan, Jack

I also like to knit more than I like to clean house. Those two things mean that my socks typically have quite a bit of dog hair attached after I’ve worn them, and hand washing them in Eucalan just doesn’t feel like it’s getting them clean. So now that I’m down to my last clean pair of handknit socks, I’m asking for advice: how do you care for your socks? Do you hand wash? Machine wash on delicate? Lay flat or put in the dryer? What’s been successful for you?

On my needles this weekend is a new cowl, called the Growing Leaves cowl. I spotted the yarn in my stash recently and it immediately made me think of a work friend. I could make her a gift, I thought! Well, it’s a lace cowl in fingering weight yarn and I have other projects calling my name too, so it might not get done by Christmas. But since she has no idea it exists, I think I’m okay.


And the best news of the day?? The girl comes home tonight for winter break! That’s almost a whole month we’ll have her home! Maybe I’ll even get her to sit and knit with me one evening! I bet if I share some good yarn with her, it’ll happen, don’t you think?

Happy Friday, friends!

13 thoughts on “How do you wash your socks?

  1. I wash a bunch of my socks in the machine on delicate in one load. I used a mild dye-free laundry soap. Then I either hang them on the clothes line outside (my knitting neighbor loves when I do that) or hang them to dry on a clothes rack. Recently I bought some lingerie bags and I plan to use those in the machine after having a sock get snagged.

  2. I have knitting friends who wash them in the washing machine, but I’ve always been too afraid of accidentally felting them to do that. (I know, use cold water… but I get forgetful about washer settings.) Personally, I hand wash mine in Soak, then lay flat to dry. And I consider any cat hair that remains to be a design feature. 😉

      • Great that they didn’t felt! One of these days I will get up the nerve to do that (and will hopefully remember to set the machine to cold). Pet hair does tend to embed itself in handknits, though, no matter what we do.

  3. Beautiful cowl! I handwash my socks. I just soak them in soak for about 20 minutes, sqeeze them gently, roll them up in a towel to get more water out, then hang on a rack. It doesn’t take long, and I like that they look new longer.

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