Unusual FOs!

I have two fun things to show you today! And they’re not even knitted! Remember how my work team went to a glass fusion studio and made mosaic tiles? I finally got mine back!  It’s a little more see-through than I expected, don’t know why, but I’m happy enough with it. If I were to redo it, I’d do the letters lower and closer together and maybe use an opaque base instead of clear. But it’s hanging in my craft room and makes me smile.


And my other FO is a SUPER CUTE crocheted baby sloth!!


I love him so much. He’s a gift for a work friend who loves sloths, but I like him so much I ordered more safety eyes so I can make many more. I want to make ones with long arms that have snaps on the end so he can hang from things too. The pattern is Zippy the Baby Sloth, and it’s free on Ravelry, and took me maybe two hours to make.

Now my focus is apparently shifting to gift knitting, as two of the young men in my life would like yarn gifts for Christmas and I am always happy to oblige! What about you, are you deep in gift knitting at this point?


7 thoughts on “Unusual FOs!

  1. I only give one gift a year. This year it will be a tea cup succulent garden.

    But I’m getting ready to hand dye some yarn for the What The Fade shawl! Which should get me through the dark winter months.

  2. Both lovely finished objects! Thr sloth is adorable.
    I am up to my eyeballs in christmas crochet – but i have only 6 out of over 20 to go so I am hopeful to get finished with time to spare unlike every other year where I have still been hooking on christmas eve!

  3. Both are very cool! I do love amigurumi, but I so prefer to crochet them. I think because I’m used to crocheting doilies I’m used to working with smaller projects with my crochet hook. I tend to get really frustrated when I knit them for some reason.

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