A Day of Knitting

Okay, Sunday was pretty much the perfect day. I had no obligations, it was gray and rainy and chilly, so I spent the day in my pajamas, watching Harry Potter movies and knitting while the dogs hung out with me. Seriously, perfect. Plus the husband made no-bake cookies and sometimes even he and the boy sat with me. I got through three movies and worked on three projects. I started a new sock, a new hat, and a new cowl. The cowl was actually a mistake. See, I frogged a project that I didn’t love and never wore because I love the yarn and wanted it to be something better.


Isn’t this pretty yarn? It still wants to be a cowl, just one that’s shorter and not so loose. Anyway, I was putting this yarn back in the stash, in the bulky yarns where it belonged, and then I accidentally touched my Woolfolk Luft yarn and it was so soft and fluffy that I had to wind it immediately and cast on a new cowl. I chose one of my favorite patterns, River Deep Mountain High (Bulky version), and finished it today during my lunch break.

This yarn is amazing. It feels like a cloud, and I love how it’s this perfect shade of denim blue. I’m hoping to wear it tomorrow, and then we’ll see if it’s itchy at all. But I bet it won’t be!

4 thoughts on “A Day of Knitting

  1. Awesome day! And I agree about that first cowl — it looks like lovely yarn, but I don’t like the way the cowl it had been knit up as drapes. I think a shorter cowl pattern will pair better with that yarn.

    I hope the blue cowl is comfy! It looks lovely.

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