Shawls and Socks

That’s all I’m making these days, shawls and socks! I’m not complaining, though. They’re both pretty fun projects. The boy’s marching band had a football game last night, so I had a couple of hours to work on his sock and I’m past the gusset and into the long foot portion. Before I go too much further I’ll have him slip it on and make sure the cuff and heel fit all right, and then I’ll measure his foot to see how long I need to knit the foot.


This is a very mindless project, especially with the boring solid color yarn, but it pleases me to think of him wearing them and enjoying them.

My current shawl project is the Piece of Cake shawl with my Delicious Yarns. It’s going slowly, and I’m blaming the wrap & turn short rows. Those are not my favorite, you know. But the yarn is indeed delicious.


The photo doesn’t do the colors justice. When it’s done, I’ll work hard to get the colors as true as I can, but this will have to suffice for now.

It has turned hot and muggy again, and the car is in the shop AGAIN, so I’m going to hide out in my dark cool living room and knit the day away as much as I can. Happy weekend, friends!

9 thoughts on “Shawls and Socks

  1. See, I love short row shawls. I’ll have to look at that one, I don’t remember hearing about it before.

    Looks like some lovely squishy knitting for boring football games!

      • Most of the time you can’t tell! Or in the cases where you need to do the wrap to avoid holes in the knitting, you can 95% of the time get away with not picking the wrap back up (which is the part I hate the most, anyway). When I *do* the wrap & turn I’ll usually knit the stitch as normal without the wrap.

        I will admit, I was a rule follower with this too, until I came across a pattern where the designer also hated W&T and so wrote in the pattern that the wraps didn’t have to be knit because they wouldn’t show. Ever since then, I’ve seen W&T as guidelines instead of rules. 🙂

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