Vacation Yarn

It’s a thing, vacation yarn. Or souvenir yarn, some may call it. Though I tend to think of souvenir yarn as like one special skein, and I bought…more than that. We left town Thursday and I didn’t even get to a yarn store until Saturday, and by then I was getting a little anxious. Fortunately I found Spindles, Shuttles and Skeins in Boulder. It was a little tricky to find, since it was on the second floor of a strip mall, but it was a nice big roomy store with a good selection of yarns. Still, my favorite part of that store was their shop dog, Nula. She was a good dog.


Sunday was our day to explore Denver and I went to Fancy Tiger Crafts and OMG it was a wonderful store! It had other crafty stuff besides yarn, like fabric and I don’t know what else because Yarn. I had plenty of fun there. And then our last day we made a special trip to The Loopy Ewe because no trip to that area is complete without a visit there. Plus it was their new location, which was better than the original if only because it was easier to find! I had even more fun there than at Fancy Tiger. Let’s see my haul, shall we?


These were all the random single skeins that I couldn’t resist. I tried to only get yarns I couldn’t find back home, but that one multicolored skein of Manos on the far right was just impossible to resist. And that Anzula on the far left? It’s sparkly! Then there’s this:


This will be a fade shawl, maybe another Stephen West pattern. It all started with that speckled yarn (second from left) and I built from there. These yarns came from all three stores, which pleases me. I’d still like to find a solid purple to go with it, but I think it would be good even without it.

Finally, here’s my favorite selection. A while back I read The Mermaid’s Daughter by Ann Claycomb and loved it SO MUCH. It’s a continuation of The Little Mermaid story, and the descriptions of the ocean water were so vivid and clear that I felt like I was right there, seeing it all with her. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to make an ocean shawl, using the colors she described. I found what I was looking for at the Loopy Ewe.


*shivers* I love this so so much. I just need to pick a pattern. I think it needs to be a semi-circular shawl (maybe this Karakorum?) but I’m not sure if I should start with the deep water (the dark purple-blue) and work out to the seafoam, or the other way around. Originally I thought I’d have the seafoam be the outer edge, but then I found this awesome Degreenify pattern and I’m not sure. What should I do??

So yeah. Colorado was definitely a success for me. And I can’t afford to go back to visit the girl for several months!

17 thoughts on “Vacation Yarn

  1. Your yarn is so beautiful! I love coming home with yarn:) if it was me- I’d start with the deep purple and work out to sea foam:)

  2. Ooooh, they’re all so lovely, but that mermaid yarn is by far my favorite! I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it.

    Also, I think “vacation yarn” is yarn you bought on while vacation and plan to actually use. (As a side note, “vacation knitting” is whatever projects you take on vacation with you.) “Souvenir yarn” is yarn — usually one or two skeins — that you bought with no intent to knit up, just to have a memory of the place. I have a skein I bought in Alaska which is currently souvenir yarn, but may turn into vacation yarn if I ever find the right pattern. It’s happy just being a yarny memory for now, though. 🙂

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Denver area. My favorite yarn shop is Colorful Yarn in Centennial, a burb of Denver. I think she has the best selection of yarn in the area, except for The Loopy Ewe, which has almost any yarn you could think of. Also, in Ft. Collins is My Sister Knits. My BKB,(best knitting buddy) and I make the trip from South Denver to Ft. Collins just to visit My Sister Knits. And she has chickens to greet you!

    These are really a must for your next trip.

    • I remember driving through Centennial, so I at least know where that is. And I wanted to try to get to My Sister Knits, just ran out of time. Thanks for the recommendations! Will definitely remember them for the next trip!

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