FO: Monkey Socks

Thank goodness these socks are finally done! They lingered on my needles for four months! Yes, FOUR. That’s eons for a sock, I’ll have you know. The first one went quickly because I was eager to see how it looked. And it was cute! I liked it. But man, the SSS (second sock syndrome) hit hard with this one. Turns out, I don’t really like knitting with brown. Brown isn’t pretty or fun or interesting to me. So I had to force myself to finish it just so I could call it done and put the yarn at the back of the shelf where it belongs, freeing up the needles for yarn that is beautiful! Anyway, bottom line, this squeaked in at the end of the month to become the fourth pair of socks finished in May.


I am quite pleased with them; I think they’re adorable. And I’ll have fun wearing them. But the brown is destined to become an accent color for future socks, and any other sock monkey knitting will have to be self-striping yarn! If you’re interested in details, you can see the project page on Ravelry here.

More fun has been my new sweater project! Despite the continuing heat, I have been merrily knitting along in the evenings and am over halfway through the navy stripe. Eight more rows and I’ll be ready to divide the body and sleeves! I’m looking forward to that; these are LONG rows right now. But look how pretty it is:


My goal is to get the sleeves on waste yarn and a good chunk of the body done this weekend, though I do have a recital and graduation reception for the girl tomorrow. With the exception of the sweater, I have a bit of finish-itis right now, so I think this sweater and the flower socks will be the focus of my knitting efforts for now. That is, if I can resist the siren call of the new Wonder Woman sock yarn I bought from a Ravelry destash…


8 thoughts on “FO: Monkey Socks

  1. I love how your monkey socks turned out and that sweater is going to be beautiful! I’m considering knitting the Wonder Woman shawl for my 12 year old birthday. What 13 year old girl doesn’t need a Wonder Woman shawl for her birthday?

  2. Your socks came out really nicely! I understand what you mean about knitting with the neutrals. It gets really boring unless there are cables or something. Your sweater is awesome! I love the contrasting stripes.

  3. Four months is a long time for socks? Um… oops. Mine sometimes linger for a lot longer than that if I get SSS, or have gift knitting I’m working on. 😉

      • LOL, maybe… but it’s also true that four months is a long time for any socks that aren’t knee-high. I just tend to not work on any knitting monogamously, so everything takes longer to knit in my house! 🙂

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