Happy Sock-iversary!

I have been knitting socks for a year now! After four years of saying I’d never do it, I’d never learn, they look too hard, I don’t want to put pretty yarn on my FEET…a year ago I made my first pair of socks and got instantly hooked, so hooked that right now socks are the only thing I’m knitting! So hooked that I’ve made socks for other people, and they actually fit! (If the people aren’t lying to me, that is.) In that year, I’ve completed 17 pairs of socks. 8 pairs have been given away, which means 9 have been for me. That surprises me a little; I thought I’d been more selfish about my socks! But the girl has gotten lucky and received some socks I found too itchy to wear after they were done.

My first pair of socks were a simple cuff-down heel flap sock in an aran weight yarn, so they knit up super fast. I had hiccups learning how to turn the heel but overall they were so much simpler than I expected.Β fullsizeoutput_9e3The most complex socks I’ve made are probably these Spring Forward socks, which are lacy, delicate, and beautiful.IMG_3760And my favorite pair of socks are my first socks with a contrast cuff/heel/toe. They were fun to knit, they fit perfectly and the colors are my favorites. I love these socks so much.fullsizeoutput_b6dAnd my newest pair socks are my freshly finished Gryffindor socks, which I just completed last night. This was my first pair of plain vanilla socks, using what I’ve learned to make a just-right pair of socks.fullsizeoutput_f01

I’ve learned several things in my year of sock knitting: I like snug socks with a tight gauge so I always use size 1 needles. I learned about negative ease and why it’s a good thing in socks. I like a long ribbed cuff, preferably 2″. I like a shorter leg. I like a grafted toe, and I’ve memorized Kitchener stitch. I haven’t explored toe-up socks yet because I’ve been so happy knitting them cuff-down, but I’ll get there. I have plenty of time. It’s been a really fun adventure so far, and I’m looking forward to making a bunch more socks!

19 thoughts on “Happy Sock-iversary!

  1. Really love your socks! I’m so addicted to making them. Everytime I think about knitting anything else I go directly back to knitting socks. πŸ˜‚

  2. I hadn’t realized you had knit that many socks! Sock knitting is definitely my best friend, so glad to hear it’s become one of yours, too!

  3. Wow that is a lot of socks! I knit one pair for the OH a few years ago. Then when I tried to make myself a pair I got second sock syndrome and never finished them. I must delve in again, these are all fabulous!

  4. Looks great! I see a few pairs of Vanilla Latte socks in there. πŸ™‚ I think I’ll have to knit the Spring Forward socks; they look lovely!

    For the record: one thing I love about tow-up socks is that you can use every last scrap of smaller skeins of yarn. If you have plenty of yarn that’s one thing, but it you’re worried about having enough, toe-up is the way to go!

    • Oh yeah! The Vanilla Latte is my very favorite pattern! Love the ribbing so much.

      I have heard that about toe-up, and I can definitely see the benefit. I’m pretty sure I’ll try out a toe-up pattern pretty soon. I think one reason I hesitate is the bind-off on the cuff. Whenever I’ve done a hat that ended with the brim, the bind-off edge is either too tight or too loose if I use Jeny’s stretchy bind-off. Do you have one you like?

      • I tend to be very unoriginal on my cuff cast-offs. I usually knit one stitch, *transfer it back to the left needle, k2tog*, and then repeat between the *s until I’m out of stitches. If I want to switch it up, I purl instead of knit. πŸ˜‰ It works for me, and I don’t have to look it up every time the way I do with Jeny’s stretchy bind-off.

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