Stuck on Socks

I seem to be stuck on socks. My brain can’t seem to push itself beyond those four tiny needles making a tube, a heel flap, a heel, a foot, a toe. And repeat. I’m on autopilot with my knitting right now, and socks are small, easily transportable, quick to finish, and quite adorable. To that extent, I am enjoying my sock knitting. But at the same time, I miss having a bigger expense of knitting creativity. I’m not dreaming of other projects or color combinations. I’m barely feeling the pull to buy new yarn, because I can’t imagine what it might become. But I can’t NOT knit. I can’t watch TV with empty hands, or have a lunch break with nothing but lunch, or take a long car ride with only my family to keep my occupied. So, I make socks. And when one sock is done, I immediately start another.

I do have WIPs waiting. I have two shawls that I’d love to wear, if I could bring myself to finish them. But Miss Winkle has those loops that are annoying to make, and the other has a lace pattern so complicated I have to really concentrate. I have a whole cardigan waiting just for a sleeve and a half. And I have a blanket, but to be honest, I’m fine letting that hibernate until cooler weather comes back. I haven’t even blocked my beautiful Orbit scarf; it’s too much bother, and I can wear it fine as is.

Is this me saying I’ve lost my knitting mojo? Maybe. Probably. I don’t really know. I can’t put my finger on it. I know I’ve lost it in the past, and it always comes back, and I believe it will this time. And until it does, I’ll make socks. In fact, I finished two last night, and looking at them on my feet brought me much pleasure.


The upside to not being knitting-obsessed is having more reading time, so I’ve been doing a lot more of that lately. My best recent read was I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi. Not exactly the happiest of books, but I found it engrossing.

Here’s hoping your knitting is going better than mine, friends!

13 thoughts on “Stuck on Socks

  1. I wouldn’t say you’ve lost your knitting mojo. I’d say you’ve eased into knitting as a habit. Having a small thing going like a sock that’s easy keeps me in the groove of knitting and from what I’m reading in your post, this seems to be happening. Working on the socks will probably give you the autopilot knitting time you need to go back to your other projects later feeling refreshed and ready to push through the annoying parts. And yes, a sock is portable, so you can have some knitting fun anywhere. Knitting vanilla socks has got me through some complicated projects or really big ones I got tired of working on.

  2. Socks are such a rewarding project that it’s easy to get stuck on them, although if your finished items from last night are anything to go by, you’re far from stuck! I love the colours on the right-hand (foot?) one and the pattern on the other. As someone else has already said, socks are a nice way to take a break from a difficult project whilst still being creative.

  3. Maybe it’s the weather too. It’s so hot I can see why your wouldn’t want to work on sweaters and blankets. Your socks are stunning

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