Two Pink Hats

These are the only finished objects I have to show you this week, two pink kitty hats. They are cute. I like them.


They were supposed to be for me and my daughter, but then a friend of a friend needed two hats for the March on Washington, and I was more than happy to send these her way and make more for us. I used AndreSue Knits’ pattern for the KitKat hat and KnitPicks Preciosa Tonal in Pokeberry. I was able to get two hats and another brim out of one skein, and I’ve got more on the way. (And if you don’t know anything about what these hats mean, check out


Wow. That’s a very large photo of my face. Second guessing that selection now.

I did find and attach buttons for my Gothic Lace cowl, and I’m delighted with how that turned out. I’ve already worn it to work and gotten several compliments on it.


My only (very small) regret is that the silver buttons I chose, which I adore, are a bit heavy for the cowl, so it’s a little hard to wear. I very much want to make another one of these with lighter buttons.

Anyway, while I wait for my pink yarn to arrive, I needed something new and exciting for my weekend of knitting. Not only do I get Monday off for the Martin Luther King, Jr. day, but we also have an ice storm warning, so yay for three days of solid knitting! Last night I wound my Frolicking Feet gradient set and cast on for the Chevrione shawl.


I didn’t get far because we started watching a movie and this is not movie-watching knitting. But I’m hoping to make good progress today! My only question is whether I should have started with the darkest teal instead of the lightest…hmm. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Two Pink Hats

  1. Nice hats! (Your face looks nice too) I love the buttons you chose, so pretty. The gradient you have looks good to me because you go from light to dark and then to black, so it flows more, in my opinion.

  2. I like the buttons, even if they are pewter! Also, been seeing a lot of the kitty hats on knit and chat, must be very popular. Like kitty hat much better then pussyhat, which is what I have been seeing.

    • Thanks. “Even if they are pewter”? I’m confused, what’s wrong with pewter?Yes, the hats are popular right now because there are a lot of women participating in the pussyhat project in support of the Women’s March on Washington next weekend.

      • I am so sorry. I did not mean for that to be a negative comment.

        You stated in your blog that you were not sure you like the choice because they were heavy. I made the assumption that because of the weight they were pewter, which they may not be.

        I think the cowl and the buttons are a perfect match. I like them both.

        Please accept my apology. I very much enjoy your posts and think you make some beautiful things.

      • Oh, please, no, I’m sorry. I think I was in a prickly mood when I replied and I wasn’t very courteous. I apologize! You’ve always been kind and supportive, and I appreciate it very much!

      • Thanks, but you really do not need to apologize. I really did not state myself very well. So now I am chuckling. Let’s be done with apologies and move forward and start enjoying our blogging. πŸ™‚

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