My LYS is closing!

Yes, you read that right: the one little LYS I have is closing by the end of August. It’s located in an old mill, along with a bead shop, antique shop and more, and the building has been sold. All the businesses will close to make room for a distillery, upscale restaurant, and some kind of gift shop. I’m glad it will still provide something for the neighborhood, but I hate losing all the crafty stuff. It means I’ll be left with just a Michaels in town. The closest LYS, which is a lovely big one, will be about 20 minutes away. Not terrible, but not convenient for a quick trip. Sigh. Well, as my son said, maybe it will be better for all that temptation to be removed. But first, I should probably start saving in case she does a closing sale!

While I was there getting the scoop, I noticed a fun striped scarf she had on display. Turns out it was a Royals scarf, a season-tracking scarf with a certain color for each kind of result. You do one color for a home win, one for home loss, one for away win, and one for away loss. Or any combination thereof, that’s the fun part. It’s totally customizable. I found the bare-bones pattern on Ravelry, called the Crackerjack, and I’ve started my own Royals scarf. Right now I’m catching up on the games already played. I’m using royal blue for home wins, powder blue for away wins, gold for home losses, and white for away losses. You can do however many rows you want; I’m doing two rounds for each game to make sure my scarf is long enough to wear doubled. The dark orange is my provisional cast-on, so that when I’m done I can stitch the ends together and have a lovely tubular infinity scarf. IMG_5835This will be a really fun summer knitting project, and maybe we’ll even get to October baseball again and I’ll get to do something fun for post-season games!

It’s rainy and gray here today, so I’m glad I get to go hang out with my Knitting SIL for a playdate this morning. Anybody else doing something fun this Monday?

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