A Finished Scarf

I did it, yesterday I finished a scarf! I have a commission for two scarves and it’s been going slowly. I made up a pattern using a butterfly stitch to match the butterfly hats I made before Christmas. I can’t share it just yet, because I’d rather the recipient see it first. But the important thing is that finishing one of them freed me to work a bit on some other things. I know, I know, I still need to do the second scarf, but the pressure has eased a bit. The result is this, the beginning of a Honey Cowl in Frolicking Feet DK. IMG_4735Isn’t it just the best thing ever? I could knit this yarn every day and never get tired of it. I’m using size 6 needles to make a dense fabric, and cast on 190 for a longer cowl.

Strange thing, though: this morning I felt the urge to revisit some old WIPs. Back in August, I’d cast on for a Retro Knitting bag but set it aside for craft show knitting. This is the beginning of the bag bottom.IMG_4731Lovely, eh? I do like it. I love the color, and I had visions of a denim lining and clear acrylic handles. But now, after using butterfly stitch to make two hats and a scarf, plus the promise of another scarf, I can’t imagine ever wanting to do this much butterfly stitch again. It has now been frogged. It might still become a bag, but certainly another pattern.

I found my Gallatin scarf project too, which I also started in August. IMG_4730This is lovely Malabrigo Worsted on bigger 10 1/2 needles, and this definitely won’t be frogged! I’ve got it set out so it can become a FO soon. I still have five other WIPs that need attention, but I need to pace myself, right? Especially since I also want to make another slouch hat with this silky pima cotton. IMG_4737The life of a knitter, right? You no sooner finish one project then add two more to your list!

Finally, here’s Jack, waiting as patiently as I for the husband to box up the last Christmas tree. It’s blocking his window view, you see. IMG_4718

4 thoughts on “A Finished Scarf

  1. I really like the brightness of your colors, especially the first one! And your picture caption “The life of a knitter, right? You no sooner finish one project then add two more to your list!” I would adapt to me, the life of a crafter, finish one or two and add six or eight, plus ten ideas in the planning stage! 🙂 But you know exactly what I mean…so musch fiber and other things to work with too…where to find the time?

    • Oh yes, exactly! Maybe just the life of a creative person? I’ve got lots of beads waiting to become stitch markers too, plus I want to write. It’s lovely to feel so full of good things, to have so many fun ideas, even if we’ll never have the time to do ALL of it. And yep, I’m all about the colors! Thanks! 🙂

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