Emerging From My Cave

I feel like an animal coming out of hibernation, cautiously poking my head out to see if it’s safe yet. Christmas wasn’t right for me this year, and I had to keep my head down and just keep going one day at a time to get through it. Nothing major happened, there were just smaller things that sucked the holiday spirit out of me. We still had lovely celebrations, and I did enjoy spending time with family and seeing the kids’ joy with their presents, but it wasn’t the same glee that I have most years. To be completely honest, I’m relieved it’s over and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be better by the time next Christmas rolls around.

Let’s talk about the knitting then, shall we? Of course I didn’t stop knitting. The day I stop knitting will be a dark day indeed. I have no idea when I made what, so I’ll just start throwing photos at you and see what comes up. IMG_4643IMG_4644This is a textured multi-colored cowl made with yarn I got at the Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe in Columbia, MO. It’s a silk-merino blend, soft and drapey with good stitch definition. The pattern came with the yarn so I can’t share it with you, sadly, but I’m quite pleased with it. I might have to keep this cowl. Or at least wear it once to try it out, right? And please notice: it’s blocking with the help of my new Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers which I got for Christmas! They’re fantastic. IMG_4493These are brain slugs (from Futurama, I’m told) I made for my nephew. He saw my son’s and loved it, so of course he needed his own. I started with this pattern which made the baby one, and then modified it to make a bigger one. IMG_4568My son loved his Sherlock scarf (that’s his Benedict Cumberbatch face) so much that he wore it that day despite the 50 degree temperature! I made the girl a cowl but can’t find a good photo; it’s pretty cute. I’ll have to show you later. And I made myself a couple of things too. IMG_4507A fuzzy, furry white seed stitch cowl made from Lion Brand Angel Hair. I used one skein and it wraps twice nicely. But I wish I’d used the second skein to make it wider. Still, this has kept me warm the last couple of days now that the temps have dropped. IMG_4510IMG_4511This hat is for ME. I am going to become a hat person if for no other reason than I want to wear this hat. I used Cascade 220 Aran Splatter and I LOVE that yarn. Soft and thick and squishy, mmmm! I need more. This is another Slouchy Broken Rib Hat. Have you bought it yet? Seriously, it’s worth it.

Okay, down to the last project, and it’s a freshly finished one. I had one skein of Cascade Magnum Paints in purples, which I bought because the colors are so gorgeous. But every time I cast on for something, it didn’t feel right. I never liked it, and I frogged it every time. Finally this morning I gave in and decided to do the simple Marian cowl, which is a twisted seed stitch cowl. I had resisted because I’d made one before and wanted to try something new, but that pattern just works so well for the Magnum. I fought the yarn, and the yarn won! IMG_4641IMG_4642See, aren’t the colors pretty? But. I don’t like this yarn. I just don’t. It doesn’t feel good. It’s not soft at all; it’s stiff and fuzzy and itchy. But I’ve got it soaking in some Eucalan right now, and I’m hoping that will soften it up at least a little. It will probably go in my inventory because I don’t see it ever being soft enough for me. If you have any tried-and-true tricks for softening wool, let me know!

I have more to tell you; apparently I have been doing quite a bit while on my little blog hiatus. But this is enough for today, surely? I do hope I can get back into my blogging habit. I like it; almost as much as I like knitting. But first I have to get through New Year’s Eve. Sigh. Can I just go to bed early and call it a year?

2 thoughts on “Emerging From My Cave

  1. I love your new projects. Wow you have been busy. I had the Christmas blues this year too. I think that mine was all grief related. I’m sure that things were different for your family gatherings as well. Wishing you a happy peaceful New Year!

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