Still Here, With Yarn

You’d think I’d be posting more often, with all the free time I have these days, but it’s working the other way for some reason. I’m less compelled to write, maybe because I’m not as excited, not as eager to share? So this post might be more photos, fewer words.

I hope all my US friends had a lovely holiday. I managed to get out and visit my family despite the pouring rain. We had a delicious meal with my husband’s family, then we stopped to visit my mom and sister on the way home. The scooter didn’t fit in the trunk with all the food, so I was crutching it the whole way, and it wore me out big time! That left leg was so tired from all the hopping. I was glad we went, of course. It was so nice to see everybody. But more than anything I was grateful for my husband that night. True love is standing patiently outside in the cold rain, telling your wife that yes, she *can* make it up the stairs, just keep going.

The yarn is easier than the stairs. I am indeed still playing with yarn, tennis elbow be darned. I started a BRIGHT pink scarf on Thanksgiving and finished it two days later. It’s kid size, so it went quickly.IMG_4318

I’m working on some turtle stuff too, some special orders.IMG_4315Yep, even crocheted nunchucks!IMG_4317

And another order, a rainbow toddler hat!IMG_4316I’ve got these to finish plus three scarves to make but this morning I woke up with a twinge in my right hand and an occasional muscle twitch in that elbow, and it’s obvious my body is saying, “Bonny, so help me, if you don’t find something to do besides knit or crochet, you’re going to lose the ability to do it at all.” And that sucks and it’s not fair, but that’s life, right? So today I’m abstaining from all yarn crafts and instead I will be reading. I’ve got “We Never Asked for Wings” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I loved her first book, “The Language of Flowers”, so much that I’m eagerly anticipating this one. Here’s hoping it keeps me happy and distracted all day!

7 thoughts on “Still Here, With Yarn

  1. It’s hard to taper off doing what you so obviously love to do. But set a timer and take a break to do something else or just relax for a few minutes. Reading a book, or looking up new patterns to try, or jotting down new designs you have in mind might use different muscles while your overworked ones heal. I’ve had spells where I’ve had to cut back, but have returned stronger than ever:)

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I have been reading more than usual, and it’s good. I’m actually making a dent in my To-Be-Read shelf for once! And today I did take a break and just start scrolling through Ravelry…and found so many new projects I want to make!

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