Yesterday Was (not so) Awesome

It started off pretty well with morning tea and knitting, but after lunch I went shopping for a few new clothes. Unfortunately, I needed a bigger size and only had one pair of jeans and maybe half a dozen long-sleeve shirts that fit well. The up side was that I found a few good things, but I wasn’t thrilled about the size I had to get. So I wasn’t feeling too great about myself after that, but I was trying.

Then last night I got in trouble. I got in trouble for letting my son order a shirt in a size that ended up too big, then for getting upset when he snapped at me about it. I got in trouble for running down the hill that morning to take him the frosting he needed for a class project (“Someone was THERE, mom”) and then found out that he was letting me walk with him to school not because he liked the time, but because he didn’t know how to say he didn’t want me to. I trust him to get to school safely, but it was one of the few times I got to spend with him alone, and I liked our little chats. Guess I was the only one. Then I got in trouble for not knowing where the rubbing alcohol was (“We have all these beauty products and nothing USEFUL”) and then in trouble for getting upset by being snapped at unexpectedly.

So yeah. Yesterday was SUPER. Maybe it was just a bad day for everybody. Sigh. Today I let him walk alone, I will email the band director about ordering a smaller size, and I’ll find the darn rubbing alcohol. AND I’m going to knit! That was about the only good thing about yesterday. I now have two finished Royal blue hats to take to the craft show, and I think I can get one more done today. It’ll be a beanie in super bulky yarn so it should go quickly. IMG_3569The brim on this one came out a little bigger than I wanted, but it should work well for those with slightly bigger heads, or with lots of hair. And if it doesn’t sell at this craft show, I might see about adding a bit of elastic to snug it up some. IMG_3575And I love how this one turned out! The gray and blue is a little less common for a KC Royals hat, but I love it. And I showed the side with the joining seam because I was pleased with myself. It’s still noticeable if you look for it, but overall it came out really clean and smooth. I just have to decide whether to add a blue pom pom. Personally, I’ll always vote for a pom pom. How about you?

15 thoughts on “Yesterday Was (not so) Awesome

  1. Wow. Sorry.

    That’s all I can say. Except that yesterday was rough for me, too. I was really hoping I used up all the icky-ness for the week yesterday. Here’s hoping for you, too.

  2. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Love your new hats. You would have to be a knitter to notice joins in the rounds, but yours are perfectly executed anyhow.

  3. Oh no! Those beautiful kids can’t be that normal?! Still stings, though! I thnk the hat will appeal to different folks with the Pom or without. Are they hard to attach? Maybe make one up and have it handy to show with or without? I know, I’m over thinking again…

    • Haha, yes, terribly normal, I’m afraid. And I had the same thought on the hat: I think I’ll make the pom and be ready to attach it if the buyer wants it. Best of both worlds, right?

  4. While I can not *like*’the blog because you had a bad day, I do so love your heart. I’m with you. We love our kids so much and end up embarrassing them, and we never do anything right. But whose the first person they yell for when there’s trouble? Yep. That same old mom.

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