If It Makes You Happy

I have been nominated to name 50 things that make me happy, and ever since I found out, things have been running through my head, and it’s been making me smile. So thank you, Inger Kenobi, for sharing your list, and for helping me focus on the positives. As she said, these are in no particular order:

  1. Puppy snuggles
  2. Hearing my daughter play the flute
  3. My son’s art
  4. Holding hands
  5. My husband. Everything about him.
  6. Silence
  7. Lying in the grass watching trees sway in the breeze
  8. Brandi Carlile’s music
  9. Tight, complex harmonies in a song
  10. Chocolate cake
  11. Margaritas
  12. My family
  13. Little babies you can cuddle and then give back when they get cranky
  14. A new, thick book
  15. Libraries
  16. Notebooks
  17. Beautiful pens
  18. Memories of my dad
  19. My craft room
  20. Yarn
  21. Twilight (yes, that Twilight)
  22. Long-distance friends
  23. Friendly neighbors
  24. Soft furry kitties
  25. Mountains, especially the Rockies
  26. Hot tea
  27. Antique stores
  28. Local yarn stores
  29. Knitting blogs
  30. Editing someone else’s writing
  31. Singing
  32. Musicals
  33. Sleeping in on Sunday morning
  34. Playdates with knitting friends
  35. Jodi Picoult novels
  36. Dancing when no one else is home
  37. Fresh sheets on the bed
  38. Having written something that pleases me
  39. Roadtrips
  40. Christmas time
  41. My mom’s pumpkin bread
  42. Singing Happy Birthday
  43. Live music
  44. Baby photos
  45. Handmade jewelry
  46. New clothes that make me feel pretty
  47. My ipod classic that holds ALL my music
  48. Thick socks
  49. A hot bath
  50. Hugs

That was fun! Now, who else wants to play? These are the people I’d like to see make a list:

  1. Celeste from Learn Her
  2. Rachelle from My Tangled Yarn
  3. Talya from Duck and Cover
  4. Polo from The Knitter Nerd
  5. Kerry from Love Those Hands at Home

One thought on “If It Makes You Happy

  1. Hmmm . . . this has me thinking! I can’t promise I’ll follow through but I’ll enjoy coming up with items for the list, even if it never gets out of my head. AND it’s fun to see your list!

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