Birthday Goodies!

Do you want to see my new treasures?? I’m so excited, I can barely pull myself away from my yarn to show you. I am a very spoiled woman indeed…and I like it that way! IMG_3288Look at those! Go ahead, ooh and ahh; I did. I recently bought one set of Karbonz to try, and fell in love immediately. They’re quite possibly the perfect needle for acrylic and other “stickier” yarns. The points are sharp and slick, but the body has just enough grab to keep them from being to slippery. I can knit so fast with them, and I love the little clicky noise they make when I get going really fast.IMG_3290These books are perfect for my long-time love of hats and my new-found love of shawls. I’ve already picked out a pattern from each book to make ASAP. And since I’ve returned to crochet recently, I’m loving these big hooks with thin yarns to make beautiful crocheted lace. IMG_3306Because I was a teenager in the 90s, I was obsessed with NKOTB. Seriously obsessed. (Just FYI, Jordan was my favorite at the time. Now I’m leaning toward Jonathan, but obviously not in a crushing kind of way.) Anyway, that means my siblings still love to give me NKOTB stuff when they find it. This lunchbox will be the best project box ever! And the thermos can hold needles and whatnot!

See?? Didn’t I make out like a bandit? Sigh. I’m a happy girl. And it wasn’t a great birthday (just) because of the presents. We went out, just the four of us, to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and had a marvelous time shopping and watching shows and petting dogs. We were all in a good mood and the kids didn’t bicker (much) and it was exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t planning to buy yarn, but when I went by the Th’Red Head booth, this skein of yarn just jumped into my hands and said “TAKE ME HOME!”. Well, all rightly then, I can do that.IMG_3305Hitchhiker number 4, anyone?

And THEN! As if the day wasn’t good enough, I got a box from Knit Picks and inside was my new Yoda green yarn! Now I can start making more hats for my Etsy shop.IMG_3307I finished off the day with a big family dinner with the mother, the sister and her two kids, and the brother and his wife and new baby. It was loud and chaotic and a lot of fun. I was exhausted, but you know it’s a good day when you go to bed grateful, peaceful and content, and I did.

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