Progress on Unpacking and Hitchhiker #2

I’m feeling optimistic right now. We *might* someday get to live in a house without boxes, and I *might* get to do something besides unpack stuff. I spent a little more time in my craft room this morning, and I’m pleased with what I came up with. I used an over-the-door shoe holder for all my fabric. I can see what I’ve got easily.IMG_2983At least I could, until I hung (part of) my tote bag collection on the bar in front of the fabric. But I don’t have a better way to store/display my tote bags, and these are ones I like to use more often. (I might have a wee tote bag addiction.) Plus the hangers are easy to move when I need to get at the fabric.IMG_2984Last night I got all of our books shelved in the sitting room (I’ll take a photo of that later) and I’m feeling good. So good, in fact, that I this morning I wound some yarn in anticipation of real knitting! Hitchhiker #2, here I come!IMG_2985

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