Moving Trumps Knitting

I can finally reveal why I’ve been absent for the last month: we’re buying a new house and moving! I didn’t want to say anything too early in case something fell through, but we’ve had an inspection, the offer has been signed, so I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve spent the last three weeks going through the house and donating/selling/trashing so much stuff, and now I’m packing. Packing, packing and more packing. It’s going quickly; I’ve got the craft room all packed up, but don’t worry, I left out two WIPs in case I needed emergency knitting. The kids are on their own and the girl is doing well. The boy…well, his room was pretty much a pigsty so he’ll probably need some help soon. The husband is doing some fix-it-up stuff around the house so I’m doing all the packing. Except for all his woodworking tools and stuff. He’s on his own for that.

We’re moving about 20 minutes north of where we are, but it’s getting the kids into an amazing school district with advanced classes and bigger, better programs than they’ve had. That’s the reason we’re moving, really. About a month ago, at the end of the school year, we learned that the school district we’re in is changing the gifted program a bit, making the one gifted class an elective and making all kids take a mainstream reading class. Well, my kids were reading at a 12th-grade level by sixth grade, so that class won’t do much for them. The only advanced class they offer in middle school is math, and no advanced English until 10th grade. That just didn’t sit right with me. A few days after we spoke with someone at the school district, we went to a party with a teacher friend who lives in a nearby town, and she told us their district offers THREE gifted classes (math, science, and English) in middle school. I was amazed. I knew our district had some drawbacks, but I hadn’t realized most of the other nearby districts were offering more. By the next day, I was idly browsing through houses for sale, just pipe-dreaming, I thought. But when I mentioned it to my husband, he said he’d been thinking the same thing for a while. Well. That was all we needed, and we started looking in earnest. We stumbled across this house and fell in love with it, and that part was really easy.

It’s really hard to leave, though, because I was born in this town, lived here all my life except for college, and I love it. My family is all here. I wanted to have faith that this city, and this school district, would get better. I wanted to believe in it.

But I also really want to do better for my kids. I took the girl to meet the new band director and see the facilities, and she was so excited she was practically in tears. It’s just such a big change to go from an older school with less funding to a newer one that can afford a huge band room, one that prides itself on the band enough to put a glass case with trophies and awards in the hallway. Her old band director is trying really hard, and we love him. He’s fantastic. But he’s trying to rebuild a band program that’s suffered the last several years, and that’s a hard, slow process. Band is my daughter’s passion, her gift, her future, so if I can do anything to get her into a strong program, I’ll do it.

And I’m excited about the change. I think I needed something different. We really love the house. It’s big but needs some work. But it has hardwood floors, pocket doors, a finished attic with a full bathroom (the girl is SO excited about that) and a nice big backyard for the puppies. My new craft room is bigger and has three big windows. The house is a 5-minute walk to school for the boy, and he’s so excited to not have to ride the bus anymore. So yeah, we’ll be farther away from my family, but it’s not too far. It’s a short, easy drive. I just might have to try harder to schedule time with them. And that’s totally worth it. Now, I have to go pack some more, but here are some pics of the house.

Dining room

Dining room

Living room

Living room


Sitting room

Sitting room


Craft room

Craft room

7 thoughts on “Moving Trumps Knitting

  1. I can totally relate. Moving is such an exciting and emotional time. May marked the six year anniversary of our move here. We also did it in part for our kids, plus my husband had a long commute to work from where we used to live. That all made it worth it, but it was very hard to leave my friends and I’m now nearly two hours from my mother. And after six years, it’s barely beginning to feel like home. I’m a creature of habit so learning new routines, new places to shop and meeting new people was really difficult for me. But I’m hanging in there!
    Your new home is beautiful and so is your spirit, so I know everything will work out wonderfully! Best wishes Bonny! And I’m hoping you find stolen moments to knit soon. Sacrificing what we love to do, what’s a part of us, it’s so difficult, even when the reasons are worth it. ❤️

  2. The funny thing is that I don’t even want to knit right now! For one thing, it’s stupid hot and humid, but mostly I’m just so ready to pack all the things! I’m sure once we move on, the urge will come back. It’ll sound more appealing than unpacking all the things!

  3. I love seeing the pictures of the house! It makes me think very much of the house we owned in Buffalo, NY–Craftsman-style bungalow, with fabulous details everywhere! You’re going to love it!

    • Thanks, I think we will too! I’m already dreaming of how to paint and decorate. I do love the Craftsman style so I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up in the new house.

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