Bam! Another Hat Done

I finished a hat this morning. I am so in love with this pattern. It’s called the Combination Summer Hat and I have now made three of them. The body is all loose, airy crochet, but then you pick up stitches and a knit a ribbed brim. I tell you, I think it’s brilliant. Part of the reason I like knitted hats better is that they seem to have more elasticity, but I love the look of crochet for spring and summer projects. Add in the fact that I can make one of these, start to finish, in a couple of hours, and yeah. This is perfection.IMG_1944 IMG_1945This one was made with Berroco Weekend, which is mostly acrylic but has 25% cotton, enough to give it some stiffness and a great drape. I’ve got two more colors ready to go!

We had a fair bit of rain this weekend, which made for muddy puppies and muddy floors. Not great. But it also made for a funny photo op when the puppies found a new source of water.IMG_1939Hopefully the rain is done for a while. I’m ready for some sunshine and a drier backyard!

10 thoughts on “Bam! Another Hat Done

    • It’s not hard, but I don’t think it’s the pattern I’d use to learn crochet. It uses three types of crochet stitches, plus a couple of lines aren’t written perfectly clear. But if you can knit, you can definitely learn to crochet, and once you know the basics, this pattern would be doable. Good luck!

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