I Have a Dilemma

I finished a hat this morning. I loved the pattern and I love the yarn and they go really well together. What’s the problem, you ask? Well. Somehow the brim ended up too big. It’s a little loose on my head, but then again, I have a slightly smaller head. Here, you look and see what you think.IMG_1370This one’s not too bad. I like the pleats. That was a new technique for me, where you slip stitches onto DPNs and then knit them together with stitches on the circ, and keeping hold of three needles was tricky. But I did it and it’s cool.IMG_1371 IMG_1372See, those aren’t terrible. It looks okay when you’re wearing it, especially if it found a big-headed owner. But now, look at it by itself:IMG_1373Poor stupid hat. The brim is just big, and I did Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy bind-off which seems to come out a little big and floppy anyway. So now what? I haven’t finished any tails. My choices as I see them: 1) frog the brim, decrease a few stitches, and bind off with a regular bind off. 2) Leave it and hope someone with a big head wants it. 3) The yarn is Tuhu, which is llama, merino and angora, so I could experiment with felting it a little bit.

Help me! What do I do??

6 thoughts on “I Have a Dilemma

  1. 1) Rip out the ribbing, put in another pleat, and then replace the ribbing. or maybe 2) knit an i-cord tie that you thread through right at the top of the brim, and then create a cute bow with the ends. Maybe the tie can include a crochet flower? I have a small head and I’ve used the tie to make things work for me.

    • Another pleat would probably work well, but I I think I’m too lazy to frog back that far to add one. I do like the i cord idea, I never would have thought of that! Thanks.

  2. I was going to say change your needle size too. That is the easiest way i know of to change size without changing the pattern. Hope it turns out for you.

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