Farewell, Seed Stitch Hat

Recently I posted about a seed stitch hat I was making with some HiKoo Simpliworsted in turquoise. I had a few issues with it from the beginning, but by the time I was ready for the decreases, I thought I’d worked them all out. I’d run out of yarn, though, so I ordered another skein and set it aside to wait. Well, the yarn came, and I immediately started the decreases. I had too many stitches. What? I kept going, thinking I could do more decreases per row than the pattern instructed. After I did that twice, it occurred to me to wonder WHY I had too many stitches. I went back and counted the stitches in the ribbed brim. I was supposed to have 94. Guess how many I had? 100! ARGH. Sure enough, I tried it on and it immediately slipped down my forehead. Stupid hat. I frogged it and couldn’t bring myself to start over. Now I have two lovely skeins of turquoise SimpliWorsted waiting for the right project.

Last night, I started a pink lacy slouchy hat. The yarn was bulky and the needles were big so it went fast, like halfway done in an hour. But I kept thinking it looked a little small. Finally, I decided I needed to check myself. I pulled it on. Yep. Too tight on my head, and I have a slightly small head. I’ve made this hat before so I went back and looked at my project notes on Ravelry, and realized I’d made the larger size last time. Oops. I could have kept going and made a large child size, since it’s just for sale and not for anyone in particular. But that’s not what I wanted so I frogged it this morning.

I guess the good news is that I finished two headbands this weekend and have one more halfway done, so my time wasn’t completely wasted. Today I’m going to make some more Wonder Woman tiara headbands, and maybe even do a set of her wristbands too. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some yarn pictures to share. But today you just get a funny puppy picture.IMG_1280

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