Another Purple Hat Off the Needles

The other day, epicyarns shared a post of a beehive hat she’d made and it was just the kick in the butt I needed. I’d had the wurm hat in my Ravelry queue for ages, but it takes a lot of yarn, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the double-thick brim. The beehive hat looks very similar but had a simple ribbed fold-over brim. Well, I didn’t want to do that either, so instead of a 4″ brim I did about 1 1/2″ and moved on to the welt pattern. It knit up so quickly!IMG_3748 IMG_3747 IMG_3750There are a lot of similar patterns, but I followed this one. I used Cascade 128 Superwash in Italian Plum and the recommended needles, but I cast on 80 instead of 88, and I’m glad I did. It’s plenty big enough.

After two purple hats in a row, I’m going to switch it up. I made a baby bear hat this morning and then I’ve got some pink Cascade waiting to become a lacy slouch hat. But first I get to do something completely different: I get to proofread a children’s book about a mischievous puppy! After several crazy-busy days, I should have a long stretch of peace and quiet today, and I’m looking forward to it.

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