Craft Room Organization: Phase One

I was hit with a little wave of inspiration today. I’m sure you’ve all seen the blog post from Repeat Crafter Me about her yarn storage. And using that type of shelving isn’t anything new; in fact my woodworker husband has been wanting to make them for me for a while now. But what struck me today was how she put her buttons into little glass jars, separated by colors. Brilliant!

Previously, I had two button boxes. One held all my loose single buttons, the other held button cards with 2 or more of the same buttons. When I need multiples of the same button for a project, I knew which box to grab. But what was frustrating was digging through the boxes looking for the right button in the right color.

So while I watched my tennis this morning, I separated all my buttons into piles. I kept most of the button cards intact, since they’d still fit into the jars that way.IMG_1260 Then I gathered up the several empty glass containers cluttering up my craft room. Some I’d bought intending to use kind of like a yarn bowl, and some I just had because…well, because they might come in hand someday. Today, they did! I didn’t have enough, but thankfully my husband happened to have three Ball jars just taking up space in his workshop, and he donated them to me.IMG_1261Yay! I love my new button jars.

Now I just need to get him to make those dividers so I can make my yarn look all pretty. But I can’t help but wonder if by color is the best organization. I’ve got my yarn by fiber (alpaca, felting wool, superwash, soft/merino wool, cotton, silk, acrylic). That way when I need a certain fiber, I know what colors I have available. But it does look so much better by color. How do you organize your yarn? What do you like/not like about it?

13 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization: Phase One

  1. I’m with you on colour, but I organise by weight, and if I have enough, I subdivide by fibre or brand. That way I find it easy to see what colours I have in compatible yarns.

  2. Like the jars of buttons. I might have removed the cards so that they don’t hide the colors. I don’t have enough buttons to display them that way but would if I did!

    • I was really tempted to take them off the cards–still am–but I do want to know when I’ve got multiples, and having the cards makes that quick and easy. But I might still do it because it would look so much prettier. And my jars are nowhere near even halfway full. Just means I need to buy more buttons, right? 🙂

  3. This is looking great! I think you absolutely should organize based on practical needs, rather than just for looks. So what if the yarn looks prettier organized by color–you need functionality!

  4. Mine is organised by weight. Its in bags unfortunately as my craft storage room is also our bedroom 😦 The bags are labelled, DK, Chunky etc. I have separated anything in large enough quantities for garments and my posh yarns have their own bag too.

  5. My yarn is organised by weight as well. Or at least it was. Currently its all been stuffed back in the cupboard where ever it fits. I should really sort that out. I love the idea of storing things in glass jars 🙂

    • This seems to be a popular choice–now I really want to start organizing my yarn! I’ve seen people use really big glass jars to store their little balls of leftovers and I’d love to do that too. Just need to get some bigger jars.

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