Prepping for Craft Fairs (Oh no, the panic!)

I’ve gone and done something silly: I signed up for a craft fair next month. You’d think that would be a good thing, right? It is, of course: I’ve got a nice stash of lovely things I’ve made that have no home. And I’d love to make a bit of extra cash for the upcoming holiday. But as soon as I sent in the registration form, the panic set in.

What if I don’t have enough items? What if no one wants to pay my prices? Should I lower them a little bit, just to get some sales? Should I raise the prices on my very best items? What if I don’t sell anything? Maybe I need to make some new things just for the show, and if so, what would sell? The craft fair is an elementary school fundraiser, so I expect to see a lot of parents and grandparents who might be inclined to buy cute hats for their kids. That means the owl hats and Princess Anna hoods could be popular. Those don’t take too much time to make, and I’ve got the yarn, so now they’re on my list to make…in the next OH GOD TWO WEEKS.

The show is October 11. I knew that all along, but this is September. I thought, “Oh, October, that’s ages away.” Guess what I just now realized?? It’s not. And then do you know what comes after that? Christmas! That’s right! And I’m nowhere near done with my holiday knitting (although I did cast on for a gift last night). I need to knit all the things! Right now!

So yeah. Panic time in my head. I think I’m going to step back for a moment and make a cup of tea. And then I’m going to make some hats.

5 thoughts on “Prepping for Craft Fairs (Oh no, the panic!)

  1. I hope that you can relax a little! You can pull this off easy-peasy. Something I’ve noticed about selling handmade crafts is that most of the time, people will pay the price you’ve selected because of the time and effort they know was put into it, and they’ll especially spend the money if it’s cute! You’ll be alright 🙂

      • You’re welcome! I suppose there are always a couple of those people, but those are the same people who will say that they could make it themselves or that their kids could make it.

  2. Don’t lower your prices if you can be brave enough, think of all the hours you’ve put into each piece!
    You’ll be fine, sounds like you have put plenty of thought into it, thinking about your customers and what they’ll like.
    Have fun, and let us know how it goes!!

    • Thank you! I’ll take all the encouragement I can get. I do think about the time spent, but then that little negative voice in the back of my mind says, “Oh, people won’t pay *that*!” So I’m working on shutting that voice up. Will leave prices as is!

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