Swiftly Winding Yarn

Sadly, I don’t have any FOs to show off. No new WIPs, not really even much progress on current WIPs. It’s true: I have not had much time to play with yarn the last several days. But I do have some yarny things to show off! See, my birthday was last week, and thank goodness my family knows how much I love yarn stuff. So yay, I got the set of interchangeable 16″ circulars, whee!! As much as I love knitting hats, I think I’ll be using this set a lot. And I got several new books, which already have patterns marked with post-its, and notions like small mesh pouches that are great for organization.

Those are all awesome, but not the highlight. I also got the best thing you can give a knitter or crocheter. No, not time, that’s difficult to wrap. I got a ball-winder!! I already had a swift, a cool Amish-style swift that my husband made for me for Mother’s day, and it helped my yarn-winding a lot. But I didn’t realize how well the swift and winder would work *together*. It was amazing. All I had to do was sit and wind. So much fun. I must have wound eight skeins of yarn that first day, plus another three or four the next day. I love to watch the swift spin, I love to see the ball grow on the winder, and I love love love the final product! IMG_4983 IMG_4984It’s fabulous. I think it will live on my dining room table for the next several…forevers. And another cool thing about it: the yarn stacks neatly when it’s wound, so maybe my stash will condense a bit and I can fit more on the shelves!

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