Fighting with the Yarn

The yarn has not liked me this week. I am fighting with every project I pick up, and it’s getting me down.

Remember those cowboy hats that looked like fedoras, the ones I made for American Girl dolls? I have someone who wants one for her daughter too, and I’m really struggling to find a good pattern. I thought I’d found one, but it’s new enough that there are no projects on Ravelry yet. Not a problem, except there’s nothing to look to when I have issues. And I have issues. My gauge is nearly 2″ too big, and I can’t easily go down a hook size since I’m already using an F hook on worsted weight yarn. The size of the hat top looks plausible, but when I did the chains for the body it seems huge. So I set it aside and searched through the patterns again.

I found a cowboy hat pattern that looks cute, and plenty of people have made it, so that was my next attempt. The problem with this one is that there’s no size given except “Child” and most of the project notes mention how small it comes out. I went up two hook sizes and started crocheting. It’s a simple enough pattern, but I don’t think it’s coming out big enough. I can’t go to a bigger hook or it will be too loose and floppy.

Argh. What now? I can buy another skein of the yarn and double it to make the cowboy hat bigger. Or I can trust the pattern on the original fedora and soldier on. Or I guess I could try to adapt the doll hat pattern to a child size…but that sounds horrific. I’m not a big fan of that. I’d rather find a pattern and just follow it.

Given those struggles, I decided to start an “easy” project while I waited during the boy’s swim lesson. I took my treasured Madelinetosh DK to cast on for a Honey Cowl. That pattern keeps popping up whenever I browse patterns, and I decided it was a sign that I need to make one. My first cast-on attempt came up short. I frogged and cast on again, this time ending up with easily 18″ of tail, more than I like. The heck with it, I thought, and kept going. It’s a great pattern, simple and easy to remember, but somehow I managed to mess it up. Nothing major, but I want this project to be special. This yarn is special, my first Madelintosh yarn and souvenir yarn from DC. So I think I will be frogging it and starting over.

While I try to recover, I’m going to browse my pattern library and find the easiest pattern on there, and that’s what I’ll start next. I need a success to keep me going!


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