Weekend Project: Crochet Accessories for 18″ Doll

I got to do something new the last several days: make crochet doll hats and boots! A friend of mine has two beautiful little girls, and those girls wanted some hats for their American Girl dolls. Since my daughter is too old for dolls (and never played with them anyway) and my nieces aren’t doll fans either, this was a challenge for me. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it, since I knew there’d be some fussy work with the little details and sewing things on and such. To my surprise, though, I really did like making them. Mostly because they went so fast, but also partly because they’re so cute when they’re done!

I can’t show them all, because I want my friend to see them first, but she’s seen these pieces so I’ll post them. She asked for a cowboy hat and boots for the dolls. The hat was pretty simple; there’s a good pattern on Ravelry for it here. The boots were trickier though, because I took a Lion Brand baby bootie pattern and modified it. I’m pleased with how they came out.

IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2623 IMG_2624IMG_2630

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