Startitis: crocheting another bag and doll hats

I’m suffering from my first severe bout with Startitis. I can’t seem to be satisfied with just one WIP. Every time I come into my craft room I see another skein of yarn and I think, “Oh! I can’t wait to make that!” and I pick it up and cast on. I currently have 7 WIPs. That seems like a lot for me. But it’s not bothering me too much so I’m going to roll with it for now.

I did finally get past my paralyzing bag choice. In my stash perusal, I found some hot pink Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton already wound, and it called my name big time. I only had one skein, so it’s going to be a small fat bag. It’s a DK yarn, not the Aran the pattern calls for, so I’m using a smaller hook and I know the bag will be a mini-bag. It will be perfect. I’m about halfway through the body of the bag right now.

IMG_2596This picture doesn’t even accurately represent the gorgeous color of the yarn. The actual yarn is an even deeper, richer pink. And I can’t wait to finish it because I already know it will have black accents: I’m going to get some black handles, maybe email Junie Balloonie to make me a small black accent flower, and the lining will be this scarf:

IMG_2598Ooh, I just love it already.

But I had to take a break from that because a friend of mine asked for some hats for her girls. She has two gorgeous little girls who have American Girl dolls, and they all need some hats. So yesterday I started crocheting some cowboy hats for the dolls. They work up quickly, and they’re cute as can be. My only struggle is shaping them. And then, I have no idea how to get them to hold their shape. Any suggestions? I’m using acrylic yarn.



After months of knitting, it would appear I’m on a crochet binge, and I like it! I love having something to switch to: it keeps my brain interested and it gives my hands and wrists a different way to move. Crochet seems to tire my wrists more quickly than knitting, so I’m sure I’ll need a break from it as soon as I’m done with this bag and the rest of the hats. Keep an eye on the blog; I’ll be posting more hats soon!



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