A little bit of knitting here & there

I have several projects on my needles right now and I keep going back and forth between them. As a result, I don’t finish them very quickly. I had to set aside my Lilas Cardigan due to stockinette fatigue. Instead, I started on my first Christmas gift of the year! I’m not very far and can’t give details, but I will say I like how the yarn is knitting up.


I’ve also got my second attempt at the Purl Ridge scarf. It lives in a bag and is my current travel project, since it’s so simple and I don’t need to be referencing a pattern.


This is the bag, one I found at the National Gallery of Art in DC. I found it extremely appropriate for my knitting skills.


I want to start another bag but I’m a bit paralyzed, unsure which pattern I want to pair with which yarn. I think I’ll end up doing another fat-bottom bag with the dark pink Sprout. It’s still my favorite style.

Other than that, I’ve been working on this:


And this. Once the concrete is gone we can start moving forward with our flagstone patio plans.


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