Life Tastes Good…and so does Cardboard

Today has been a quiet day. I’ve been knitting all morning, starting a new teddy bear. Max has been sleepy, as he usually is after his 3-4 hours of morning craziness. I’ve had a friendly, mellow buddy next to me.


Then lunchtime came along. Max joined me in the kitchen, waiting for me to drop something. I thought he’d be disappointed when all I did was set aside the empty soda box, waiting to go out to the recycling. Nope. I should have known he’d think I put it there just for him. He retrieved it and carried it over to his towel.


It was an interesting shape. It had some give when he bit it. I’m sure it smelled like his second favorite food (paper).


I’m sure he was thinking, “Mom? Are you sure this is really okay?”


“You’re safe, Mom. Nothing in there.” He snuffed and nibbled, chewed and tugged. This went on for quite a while. Then he started rolling around, tossing the box from side to side.


I let him go on until he got a big chunk off and started eating it, then I had to take it away. Poor guy. At least he got a few minutes of fun.


One thought on “Life Tastes Good…and so does Cardboard

  1. Animals can make anything into a toy, can’t they? I love the pic where he has his snout shoved in the box. XD

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