My puppy training is progressing

This was supposed to be a yarn blog where I talk about my adventures with knitting and crochet, but somehow I’ve gotten off that track. Now it seems to be a life blog, and maybe that’s okay too. In any case, I thought I’d share an update on my crazy dog, Max, since I’ve shared so many of his misadventures.

It’s good news today: Max is doing really well. Or maybe we’re doing really well in learning from him what he needs/wants/likes/eats. After the book-eating fiasco, he gets shut in the kitchen while we’re gone. He has plenty of toys and usually a peanut butter-stuffed ball. He has not scratched or chewed at doors or chairs at all, so thank goodness for that. It’s not perfect; we know that if we’re gone too long, we’ll come home to a smelly puppy present. But that’s not his fault, and he’s getting so much better at going outside when he has the opportunity.

We know that if we leave the bathroom door open, he’ll play with (AKA eat most of) the roll of toilet paper. I’m shopping for a baby gate today. He still destroys toys more quickly than I’d like (watch for my Kickstarter campaign to fund his toy habit, haha) but that’s what they’re for. If he’s chewing those, he’s not chewing bad things.

And he’s so smart: he’s very consistent with the Sit command, and stays so nicely when we’re putting on his harness and leash. He’s at maybe 75% with the Leave It command; it really depends on what he’s found. Some things are more tempting than a treat. We’ve taught him to Shake since we brought him home. Now we have to focus on Come, since that’s the most frustrating thing we’re dealing with. He loves to be outside at night, which I found surprising given his limited vision. But when we let him out before bed, he doesn’t want to come in, and it turns into a battle of wills. I always win, of course, but I want to make it a shorter battle. I’m more optimistic now than I was a few days ago. Puppies sure make life interesting!


2 thoughts on “My puppy training is progressing

  1. Max is gorgeous! Does he sing to you yet?

    My Rufus is a cattle dog/border collie cross, 18 months old. He has stopped eating quite so many non-food items now. Although if we are late getting up to let him out, he will snack on his blanket. This tends to give him a sore tummy which he self-treats by chewing tree branches in the yard (which of course makes it worse, so then he has to chew the bamboo roots to try to fix that).

    The only toy that outlasts Rufus is a Kong Extreme (the black one) or a Ruff n Tuff black gorilla toy. He also enjoys the Tastybone nylon bones (the bigger the better) which last him several months.

    Ah, the things we do for them… πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! He’s not very vocal, though we heard him howling a bit after we went to bed last night, and I can do without that. I’m glad to hear that there’s hope in the eating-random-stuff area. I have to be so vigilant when we’re out walking; gives me a whole new perspective on littering. We did get him a black Kong and he loves it and it’s lasting a while, so that’s nice. And he has a Nylabone, but it’s not quite as appealing to him as the stuff he can destroy. Yeah, spoiled rotten for sure, but I’m so glad we have him. πŸ™‚

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